Tweets of the Week: The sand, the skirmishes and a teen dream called Fabian

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 19th February 2012.

Oh man, Oman!

After the Tour of Qatar, a lot of the boys stayed in the desert to ride the Tour of Oman. Word from the peloton tweeters: it was hot hot hot …

But it did make for a very nice picture from Graham Watson

And relaxing on some cool marble before each of the stages does help …

Okay, now that we’ve got the pretty pictures out of the way, let’s get an update from the front lines …

The Hansen/Henderson Tweet War

Both Greg Henderson and Adam Hansen were in Oman working for Andre Greipel, but neither missed an opportunity to goad the other. It sometimes seemed that the bike racing was a mere afterthought, a brief respite from the combat zone. Opening salvo from Henderson:

God knows what the picture below was, as when you went to the click-through, the message was ‘Image has been removed’. The mind boggles.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, just how powerful is a Samsung tablet, I wonder? Is that like a tank or something? Hansen seems to put a lot of faith in it …

After the Showdown at the Yoga Mat, the next skirmish was the 7Up Incident.

Can I just say, I’m loving Hansen’s use of hashtags! But does the virtuoso use of #RunOnMessages scare Henderson? Does it, hell!

I’m not a military scholar but I have a feeling that Hansen might be fighting a losing battle. Henderson seems to have all the swagger and bravado – he’s even tweaking Andre Greipel’s nose!

But let’s move away from the war zone and go to a much happier place. Yes, it’s Cancellara time!

When Spartacus was a pup

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I have the teeniest, tiniest little crush on a certain Swiss rider. And this picture came up this week (apologies to whoever tweeted this first – for some reason I didn’t retweet but copied so I can’t credit you. Bad Kitty!)

Is it me, or does Fabian look like a member of an 80s New Romantic boyband? Not sure about the facial hair – it doesn’t make you look older, Fabian, it just makes you look like Midge Ure from his Ultravox days.

This pic was trumped by the one sent to me by Kimberly Menozzi.

Question of the week: what is he doing? Studying for his Electrician A-Level? If he were an electrician instead of a bike rider, seriously, I would be purposefully blowing fuses all day every day.

I have helped my friend Gabrielle develop quite the Fabian obsession – not because of his cycling prowess (she couldn’t care less about racing), but because she loves his big nose. Me, I love his competitive heart and I’m partial to his mighty haunches. So we decided we’d start a little Swiss pub called The Schnozz&Haunches. There’s a spare unit at VeloVoices Towers so we’re just negotiating the lease … Watch our Facebook page for Grand Opening news.

But what has Fabian been up to this week? Well, Andy Schleck snapped this photo of Fabian being grilled by a particularly hardened sports interviewer while in Oman. (Sexy even in compression socks … now that’s difficult!)

And he gave a little shout-out to all his Twitter followers, in full Fabianese, of course!

But I must end this little love-fest with an admonishment to Spartacus. Anyone who follows him knows he talks a lot about what’s on TV after races. He wasn’t too pleased with the film selection the other day:

Let’s not dwell on what bileracing is, but let me just say this to Fabian: NOBODY puts Baby in a corner – not even you, Spartacus!

2 thoughts on “Tweets of the Week: The sand, the skirmishes and a teen dream called Fabian

  1. WOOT! I got a mention! WOOT! I always knew my Fabu would take me places. Even if he’s unaware he’s doing so. 😉

    Thanks for sharing all of these, btw – I hadn’t been able to keep up with the tweet war and missed many of those little skirmishes. Funny stuff, too!

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