Tweets of the Week: Three Musketeers, a Belgian king and a Count of Monte Cristo

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 12th February 2012.

He’s sooooo PhilGil

Let’s start with the Three Musketeers from BMC. I reckon this year is going to be very interesting for these guys – and for us – as there’s plenty of buckle and swash with these three! All for one and one for all!

As any self-respecting fan knows, the King of Belgium [Philippe Gilbert to his mates – Ed] was in Qatar for a little desert bike race last week. Here he is, just looking so badass … (I’ve put this picture in solely because I really, really like it.) A little tip for any BMC fans: ‘like’ the BMC Racing Team Australian Supporters Page, as they always have great pics and films.

But that’s not all. Our Phil was very busy in the last week, as can be seen by this little advert for Het Laatste Nieuws.

Looking pretty good, dontcha think? Well, FastPhil also has a bit of the minx in him. Here he is, at an official photo shoot with Cadel Evans, about to give him a little nibble … uncovered by VeloBeats.

Hansen and Henderson Go To War

Greg Henderson and Adam Hansen of Lotto-Belisol have ratcheted up their own personal Tweet War. With both of them racing  in Qatar last week, they took every opportunity to berate each other, both in person and in the Twitterstream. Here’s just a flavour of the cruelty and mockery on offer:

Hansen strikes back:

The ball is in Henderson’s court … and he goes for the ‘I’ll make you a coffee, mate’ ploy … Don’t do it, Adam! Don’t drink it!!!!

He didn’t listen … he drank it …

Adam, however, puts his time hopped up on caffeine to good use. Revenge …

Greg does the Twitter equivalent of tweaking Adam’s nose and laughing maniacally …

Hmmm, Adam has used Greg’s words against him … The lesson learned here – under NO circumstances should you drink anything offered to you by either Greg Henderson or Adam Hansen. There will be repercussions …

Remember how we started this column with the Three Musketeers? Well, if we were staying with the Alexandre Dumas theme, Greg would be Fernand, who sold Edmund Dantes (Adam) down the river. Dantes escapes his imprisonment and sets about plotting and planning his ultimate revenge. [As this is a family show, I decided not to show you the picture of the ID that Greg found … best go to Twitter for that]:

And here it is …

That’s IT? That’s the revenge? Oh come on Adam, you can do better than that … Give me something good for the next edition of Tweets of the Week. You owe it to us, you owe it to yourself …

2 thoughts on “Tweets of the Week: Three Musketeers, a Belgian king and a Count of Monte Cristo

  1. Aha! So someone DOES remember my tweets from week to week.

    actually, Sheree, there’s not been much fish news of late … But I notice today on the Jens-o-Meter, Mr Voigt is back in Berlin for the film premiere of the Leopard Trek film ‘The Road Uphill’ (when is that going to be released in the UK, I wonder! Fab on the big screen … be still my beating heart … oops, I digress). He did have a big rant about tearing a beautiful theatre down, namechecking everyone from Elvis to Jimi Hendrix, but no fish so far.

    ANYWAY, Jens is back home so I’m expecting some sort of fish tale for next week’s Tweets! 🙂

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