Tweets of the week: w/e 22/1/12

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets.

My, what big thighs you have …

Sprint-tastic Andre Greipel got a lot of attention this week in the Tour Down Under, not least because of, well, his ripplingness. @saddleblaze captured this picture of little and large, which caught the attention of Robbie Hunter, who stated a preference …

And as fan @GayningWisdom found out, it’s not just his thighs that are roughly hewn … Was this guy built in a lab?

Andre himself posted up a picture of one of Lotto-Belisol’s injured warriors from the crash on Stage 1- Jurgen Roelandts looks amazingly cheerful for being in a neck-brace …

And he returned the favour by posting up a picture of Andre and Marcel Sieberg. But hey, is it me or does Andre look like a 15-year-old boy who is getting ready for the junior prom? (Thank God, Marcel got rid of those hideous boots from last week.)

Hitching a ride on a train …

Greg Henderson of Lotto-Belisol has had some great tweets this week, including some sound sprinting advice …

Riders and roos …

Promise, this is the last week for a year that we will have riders interacting with Australian wildlife. But until then, Garmin-oooooh-Barracuda!’s [A-ha! An obscure 1980s soft rock reference! I’m so old … – Ed]  Ryder Hesjedal gets a roo awakening …

Reunited, and it feels so good … BMC’s Manuel Quinziato finds a friend.

Dedicated followers of fashion

I feel pretty, oh so pretty … Greg Henderson makes it on the list twice in one week as he prepares himself for a super-duper day!

We wonder if Big Jens Voigt gave fan Simon Jones any tips about what to do when your house is swimming in fish (see below…)

VeloVoices’ friend Geoffroy Lequatre showed off his new kit – we’re liking the snowy whiteness.

[Watch out for the first part of Sheree’s exclusive interview with Geoffroy, available only on VeloVoices this Friday – Ed.]

Gimme gimme gimme: this is just one beautiful, classic looking jersey by Bike Style Tours. We want one!!!!!! Or four!!!!!

But the final tweets of the week go to …

Jens Voigt – A few weeks ago, we mentioned how he bought his children a pair of fish, not knowing that fish reproduce exponentially. Well, his house is now an aquarium.

And a little money advice from Kelly Benefit Strategies’ Michael Creed, who last week sold Liquigas-Cannondale’s Ted King‘s shorts on eBay:

One final quick plug – we do stuff on Facebook too. I’m off to trawl the Twitterstream for another week …

2 thoughts on “Tweets of the week: w/e 22/1/12

  1. Sheree says:

    Greipel’s thighs look huge in that photo. Are they the largest in the peloton? If I recall correctly, Marcel Kittel’s look pretty sizeable, as do those of Tom Boonen. Should we canvass opinion on this?

  2. I know! Yet, he looks so surprisingly weedy when he’s in a suit. I think we might have to do some research … now where did I put my tape measure.

    By the way, Tim, you’re trying to shave about some years off your age by putting Heart’s Barracuda in the 80s. That was mid-70s, my friend. 1977 to be exact …

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