Tweets of the week

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets.

Wiggins vs the BBC, David Millar and, well, the entire Twittersphere

One little tweet and the feathers start flying! BBC Sport started off by tweeting about their interview with Bradley Wiggins, in which they reported he said that David Millar should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics.

He was commenting on the situation of the BOA’s lifetime ban on athletes who have been convicted of a doping offence. The din on the Twittersphere was deafening – recriminations all round. But did he really say that? @bradwiggins pipes up …

His next tweet was even more adament …

Well, that’s not strictly true, he did offer up an opinion. Perhaps what he meant was that his opinion didn’t mean anything because, at this moment in time, the BOA is not considering changing its policy so the point is moot. But Wiggo and Millar have some history and this is what @millarmind tweeted in response to the Twitterstorm…

Wiggins, however, seemed to have already ridden off on his huffy bike and has not tweeted since. [Correct at time of writing – Ed.]

Jens Voigt vs A Budget Airline

Anyone who is not following @thejensie is missing something really quite special. Over Christmas, Jens was battling to keep his family home from being swallowed up by the quickly multiplying fish he bought his children. Then he voiced alarm over the amount of fireworks the kids were going to set off for New Year. But last week’s tweets were around his trip from Berlin to Luxembourg for Radioshack‘s team presentation.

We know the feeling, Jens. But the airline wasn’t finished … it added insult to injury.

And then the inevitable happened …

It ended well, however. The Swiss contingent found it when their plane landed and they brought it with them. But one last word from Big Jens – and that’s about a little Jens … Future cyclists everywhere beware – another Voigt may be coming to the peloton!

Last but by no means least, we have …

OmegaPharma QuickStep vs Sanity

Thanks to @brassyn for bringing this little gem to our attention! I wonder how the photographer went about explaining the concept of this to Tom Boonen et al. “Okay, you all get a pillow and you pretend you’re asleep. Standing up. And in a line. Let’s go by height so you can lean on the guy in front. Oh, except you, Levi. You’re on your own. No, you won’t look silly…”

And bizarrely, they seem more than happy to do it. I wonder what this week’s Twitterstream will wash up on the beachhead near VeloVoices Towers …

Watch out for more Tweets of the Week every Tuesday.

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