Welcome to Velo Voices


Welcome to the launch of Velo Voices, a new blog about the world of professional cycling, with a particular focus on men’s road racing.

Why ‘Velo Voices’? Well, first of all this is a blog for fans, written by a group of fans and from a fan’s perspective. Each of us has a different voice and different opinions, but we all share the same passion for the sport.

Our team of writers spend more hours than they would care to admit reading about and watching the sport, so that we can bring you original content, informed opinion and even the occasional exclusive, including:

  • In-depth interviews with both the stars and unsung heroes of the peloton.
  • Round-table discussions about the latest events and issues in the sport.
  • Profiles and updates on our favourite teams and riders.
  • ‘Live’ race reports.
  • Anything else that takes our fancy, really.

Each of us looks at cycling in a different way, and each of us has different preferences: from sprinters to climbers, from the Belgians to the British, and from the Grand Tour contenders to the one-day specialists. We take pride in those differences, and it is our pleasure to share our varying voices and views with you.

What we want to be is the blogging equivalent of your favourite coffee shop – a place where you pop in regularly for a friendly chat or just to catch up with the latest gossip. We will be here. Feel free to just listen in if you want. Or join us for a natter any time. (Mine’s a skinny latte, by the way.)

Above all, we fervently believe that cycling is the ultimate in terms of combining teamwork and individual ability, speed and stamina, perspiration and inspiration. We take the sport seriously, but with a soupçon of irreverence thrown in. After all, watching sport – any sport – should be fun, right?

Basically, we love cycling. We hope that Velo Voices entertains and informs you so that you love it a little bit more too.

About us

Tim is a long-suffering Arsenal fan, father of two and insomniac blogger. He loves Mark Cavendish (but not in a homo-erotic way) and isn’t afraid to admit he shed a tear when Cav won BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Follow Tim on Twitter @timliew or on his other blogs, The Armchair Sports Fan and Slouching Towards Thatcham.


Kathi is a rabid cycling fan, who regularly scares her neighbours by screaming at the television set during races – when she isn’t wrestling people out of her way on the barricades. She loves cyclists who are gracious in victory and defeat, who ride aggressively to win even if that causes them to lose, and who show that all-important panache. Need she say that Fabian Cancellara is her favourite cyclist? Kathi regularly shoots her mouth off about cycling on Twitter @kittyfondue.


Jack is a cycling fanatic, and very much a Belgophile, with a great love for all things Philippe Gilbert. He has an instant love for anyone who wears the black, yellow and red tricolour, as long as it isn’t Stijn Devolder. His favourite team is FDJ, and without doubt his favourite race is Paris-Roubaix. In the off-season he writes about Italian football, and can be found on Twitter @sargeant_j.


Sheree’s love affair with cycling started during the 2004 Tour de France and has continued to grow unabated with each passing season. Her favourite riders are those that weigh more than her and the unsung heroes. You can read all about her life on the Cote d’Azur at www.viewfromtheback.com.

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